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Holding Hands


We work very closely with vetted clinicians and treatment centers in various locations.


All of our resources have strong backgrounds working with with first responders.


We work with several treatment centers across the Country that have programs specifically designed for first responders.

We offer family support services.  All the services we offer to first responders are also available to family members.

Chaplain Services are available

Planning Travels


We are currently providing services to first responders and their families throughout the state of North Carolina.


We also have teams operating and represented in areas of  Vermont, South Carolina and Florida.

Female Patient
Group Discussion


We are very excited about the progress we have made since our inception, since January 2021


We look forward to what the future holds for us.  We will continue to advocate for the importance of mental health wellbeing, PTSD and suicide awareness of all first responders.


We will continue to strive to break the stigma associated with talking about mental health struggles in the emergency services field.   


We will achieve this through community outreach and education.

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